Author Topic: 4th Quarter--Time to check your filters-price increase coming end of year  (Read 1855 times)

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This is your quarterly reminder for you to check your reverse osmosis water system's filters and membrane.

All systems should get the filters replaced at least annually. If you have poor water to begin with, you may need to change out more often. Our high quality FilmTec membrane will last from three to five years, if the filters are replaced regularly.

Air Water & Ice has not had a price increase in 4 years while we have absorbed the price increases from our suppliers.  As a result, in early 2011, we will be increasing our store prices.  If you want to take advantage of our old prices ... buy before the end of the year.

Remember to use your reef club's 10% discount code. Enter code 85306 in the “view cart” section at check out.

We do appreciate your business and are happy to help in any way!
We can be reached at or call us at 772-461-0256

Sincerely, The Staff  at Air, Water & Ice

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Re: 4th Quarter--Time to check your filters-price increase coming end of year
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2010, 02:41:40 PM »
Good Reminder! I change my sediment just about monthly.... Dirty,Dirty,Dirty Charleston water!
For my carbon, I have a digital in-line flowmeter, and can monitor how many gallons I have put through (Pre-Filter H20, remember, even waste water goes through carbon and sediment)
Most carbon cartriges last about 3750 gallons @ 2ppm chlorine to my understanding. Depending on how much incoming chlorine is present (I have found it varies) then you Could calculate when to change this one, however, I normally change mine at about 3,250-3,500 Gallons to stay ahead of the curve. (Not sure if this differs for chloramine infused water... Something to look into!)
This is why I invest in changing carbon a little early:
Carbon Cartridge: about $8.99-13.99 (+s&h)
100 GPD Membrane: about $49.99-59.99 (+s&h)
(Especially important if you have piggybacked membranes!)

And with sediment, I usually buy these in bulk, as you do need to change often to keep peak efficiency. I use a combination of visual and pressure differences ( Completely Brown and/or a pressure increase of more than 5 psi, time to change!)

I think I would like to extend the life of my membrane please! Don't forget to use that flush kit along with your TDS meter to de-scale your membrane on a regular basis. A little maintenance saves a bit of green!

Air Water and Ice, Thank you for the reminder again. It is good to see that a H20 Purification company is concerned with helping their customers extend the life of their products.  Some people out there would not give out such info in order to sell more membranes, etc... Thats why I only deal with people I trust!
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