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New planted tank
« on: December 30, 2010, 09:36:58 PM »
Hello, everyone, long time no posts.  I am setting up a new plant tank.  Figured I'd post and see if anyone had any opinions on anything. Tank is 36x18x20.  First, 120lbs of ecocomplete substrate.  Fluval 305 canister filter.  Pressurized co2 unit for obvioulsly, co2, lol.  As for lighting, I'm still in debate.  I have multiple fixtures I could use.  Opinions would be greatly appreciated!!! 175 watt halide only or 175 watt halide with 2x 65 watt pcs, or 2x 96 watt pcs.  I would like to do a variety of plants and love the look of the halide but not the light coverage.  I will be dosing brightwell carbon supplement and I forgot the name of the other.  Any suggestions?  Thanks everyone!!!
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